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Our Transformational Change and Consultancy Service can point at a strong track record of delivering sustained, embedded change and continuous improvement. We use the latest innovative thinking, best practice and years of experience to help our clients:

  • Deliver Programmes of work and projects from one-off projects to large scale organisational change programmes
  • Redesign services and systems
  • Tactical thinking
  • Quality improvement
  • System management and resilience planning
  • Create meaningful business cases for change
  • Implement turnaround support and advice
  • Conduct detailed reviews, evaluation, deep dive analysis and diagnostic assessment
  • Lead effective stakeholder engagement to sell the benefits of change
  • Develop management and performance reporting to better inform their work
  • Design and implement risk management systems
  • Build and introduce reliable forecasting models and tools
  • Quality assure their work
  • Advise on data security processes
  • Ensure intended outcomes of change programmes have been delivered, embedded and validated

Making our own business case

Our team have recently:

  • Led a successful and comprehensive change and improvement programme within a healthcare organisation externally verified by system regulators and key stakeholders
  • Supported a failing school “causing concern” to design and implement a successful federation, leading to improved leadership and teaching acknowledged by Ofsted as a “good” school within one inspection cycle
  • Introduced a comprehensive three-lines of defence risk management system within a complex organisation including assessments of operational and strategic risk causes and consequences, mitigation mapping, and measuring and recording the organisations risk appetite
  • Introduced a transformational process change for a complaints handling client, which delivered efficiency savings each year of £2 million (equivalent to a 10% saving on annual budget), improved customer service and productivity
  • Designing and introducing a new data capture and reporting system to establish the extent of data security incidents occurring within a large scale organisation; conducting a deep dive analysis of the resulting data and rolling out an action plan which led to an 80% reduction in adverse data security breaches, reducing the organisations exposure to a significant fine being issued by the Information Commissioner

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