London EC1V 2NX

Social Work England – Organisational Design 

In 2017, We Can Work It Out was engaged by the Department of Education to provide professional consultancy services, to assist with the creation of the new regulator for social workers: Social Work England (SWE). As part of this twelve-month contract, We Can Work It Out provided:

  • Blueprints for organisational design of the four statutory functions of the regulator: registration; standards; fitness to practise; quality assurance.
  • Advice on the legislative design of the rules and regulations for Social Work England. 
  • Business process design which was informed by the relevant statutory legislation. We Can Work It Out also facilitated input from business owners and conducted benchmarking exercises with other regulators, culminating in the production of comprehensive business process mapping for the fledgling organisation.
  • Evidenced business cases on a range of different projects, including identifying the requirements for IT and premises infrastructure; options for online learning and development platforms; suitable staffing and pay levels. We Can Work It Out also used available data to make accurate operational workload forecasts to further assist with planning and design. 

London Borough of Waltham Forest – Delivery of Gang Reduction Programme

In 2019 We Can Work It Out was contracted by the Violence Reduction Unit of the London Borough of Waltham Forest to deliver a ‘youth ambassador’ programme within the borough. The aim of the programme is to recruit and train a cadre of ambassadors to coach and support young people who are currently involved in drugs, violence and gangs.

As part of this project, We Can Work It Out has delivered the following:

  • A marketing and communications strategy, including building and maintaining a website; promoting the programme through various social media platforms; running community engagement events; creating visual marketing.   
  • Designing and delivering a training programme, providing ambassadors with the skills and knowledge they need to support young people. We Can Work It Out’s network of professionals was used in the design and delivery of this training.
  • Creating strategic links with other organisations and leaders across London, facilitating a coordinated effort to tackle the issue of youth violence, while promoting public health solutions.
  • Running co-production events with young people, ensuring their voice is heard and their ideas embedded in initiatives aimed at helping them.
  • Creating tools to continually monitor and assess the impact of the project.